High tension leads


To connect the electrodes to the transformer, we offer a wide range of high tension and high temperature cables as well as connecting terminals. In order to avoid inappropriate sparking on ignition electrode, a resistor can be used as a shield against Electro Magnetic Interferences (E.M.I). Connectors ends are available in different material (polyamide, silicon rubber and ceramic) and different shapes (straight or right angle). Silicone Rubber (UL Underwrite Laboratories) cable is also available

Cable for ignition and ionization withstand 200° to 250° Celsius, 35000 VAC, and are available as

  • Cable with or without additionnal insulation sleeves
  • Cables equipped with combustion chamber feedfhrough or not
  • Integrated lead electrode or not


You can find at Sapco Screw-in Type connecting boots that enable you to make your own high tension cable. These Screw-in Type connecting boots are suitable for ø 7 mm H.T. Cable having a minimum of 1 mm² Strand (AWG20) You can also choose among the following material grades for your connecting boots:

  • Polyamide
  • Silicone rubber
  • Glazed Ceramic for high temperature



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