SAPCO there and now

The company was established in 1949 in Courbevoie, to the West of Paris, manufacturing electric component, plugs, switches, fuses. Very quickly, the use of porcelain was overtaken by a new insulating material for electro-technical applications: steatite (chemical name of talc). This made for the rapid success of the company.

To differentiate itself from the competition, the company moved the production from semi-finished ceramic components, to completely finished products: fully assembled metal electrodes, incorporating the ceramic component. Always in search of an improvement of its products, SAPCO invests in a process to produce ceramics using alumina, of higher quality and superior performance.

Faced with the company’s growth thanks to those technical advances, the company created a new production plant in 1970 in a town in the south of Paris called Le Coudray-Montceaux, which is its headquarters today. Following the pressure of countries with low production costs, like China, SAPCO decided to concentrate on a niche market: the manufacture of electrodes for condensing boilers, whose production requires more expertise, which enhanced the company’s know-how by manufacturing a more technical product. To help customers deal with specific problems such as the electrical arcing, or the Corona effect, the company also developed special connectors and cables to solve these problems and so was able to offer a complete product range for its customers.

SAPCO today

Today, SAPCO is a family business which contributes to the wellbeing of households by manufacturing critical boiler’s components. The company has business in more than 25 countries, on all continents, mostly in Northern America and in Europe.

SAPCO is an international leader in the field of ignition technologies for the combustion industry, specialized in the design and manufacturing of ignition electrodes, flame rods, feedthroughs, high voltage cables and connectors for boilers, burners, and combustion system. There are numerous applications, including ignition, flame detection, but also high voltage transmission with gas tight feedthrough.

Sapco is a vertically integrated pure player, producing ceramic, electrodes, forming, shaping, and assembling in our facility located near Paris.