Electrodes for boilers
Sapco’s electrodes for condensing boilers are gas tight and of very high quality.
Features :
  • 95% Alumina Insulator (technical ceramic) :
    • White color
    • As fired, tumbled, or glazed
    • Or silicone coated
  • Gas tight Metal bracket Nickel plated steel or stainless steel Sapco will be pleased make electrodes to your custom design and specifications
  • Kanthal electrode. Kanthal A1 or Kanthal APM, ø 3 mm – ø 3.5 mm – ø 4 mm
  • Connecting point. Nickel plated brass : ø 4 mm or ø 6.35 mm, or integral lead with high tension cable ø 2.5 mm PTFE to ø 7
Electrodes for burners
For all your Burners range : Gas Burners – Oil Burners – Mixed Burners having Heat capacity from less than 1 kw to more than 128 MW, you’ll find at Sapco the suitable electrodes for your specific burners :
  • Igniters or flame rod
  • gas tight assy available
  • hexagonal shell or metal bracket

Sapco will be pleased make electrodes to your design and specifications for :

  • Small and medium output burners
  • Heavy duty ouput burners for industrial application

Features :

    • 95% Alumina body or Steatite (advanced ceramic insulator)
    • Hexagonal shell or Metal bracket either in Nickel plated steel or stainless steel
    • Kanthal wire D – A1 – APM – NiCr 80/20
  • Connecting point: Nickel plated brass, Fast-on tab, threaded end



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