Sapco’s core business: ceramic electrodes

A pure player in designing and manufacturing electrodes for gas or oil burner systems,

Sapco is an international leader in the field of ignition technologies for the combustion industry, specialized in the design and manufacturing of ignition electrodes, flame rods, feedthroughs, high voltage cables and connectors for boilers, burners and combustion system

The comapny is exporting its products in more than 25 countries, mostly in Europe and North America

Upon Customers specifications, the company manufactures ceramic insulated electrodes and the relevant connection equipment for the ignition and flame control of all type of burners

There are numerous applications, including ignition, flame detection (with ionization electrodes), but also high voltage transmission with gas tight feedthrough.

Sapco is a vertically integrated pure player, producing ceramic, electrodes, forming, shaping and assembling in our facility located near Paris



Legacy of innovation and technology

Sapco design innovation is the Superior choice for technical ceramic component, with competitive market pricing, specializing in Ignition Electrodes, Flame Rods, Voltage Cables and connectors.

Our components are designed to manage critical ignition and flame issues of the gas fired boiler, furnace and heating applicance. Primary factors important for performance, safety of operation, longivity and functionnality which are managed with Sapco design.

PERMANENT ELECTRODE TO CERAMIC MOUNTING. A patented mechanical lock mounting scores a deep hold tight from the ceramic-to-metal interface. No glue is used which can fail in duration high temperature exposure which can allow movment out of postion and potential ignition failures.

ALUMINA CERAMIC. Dense ceramic material of Alumina are utilized for extream electrical insulation and mechanical strength

CERAMIC GEOMETRY AND HIGH TEMPERATURE GLAZE. Unique configurations to avoide moisture bridging and discourage particulate contamination which can cause misplaced arching.

GAS TIGHT SEALING. Unique ceramic features allow for fitting with O-ring seals at critical points, eliminating combustion product back pressure leaks

BEST FIT METALURGICAL COMPOSITION. A best fit choice of electrode composition will minimize deposit build up acid caused deterioration, avoid slumping and manage cost.

SECURE BRACKETS WITH GROUND CONNECTION. All brackets design are robust and secure and can be fitted with a ground detector to enhance flame signal

CSA CERTIFICATION. All Sapco ignition electrodes an flame rods are stand alone CSA certified and can be marked for your Customer assurance of suitability

HIGH VOLTAGE CABLE TO MANAGE CORONA. Cable of various size are available to manage design criteria and avoid corona effect from high voltage which can produce ozone and deteriorate insulating material

CONNECTION WHICH CAN MANAGE EMI EMISSION. Connectors supplied individually or integral with cable are fitted with EMI supressing components which eliminate this emission and stops disruption to micro circuits and WI-FI signals


A flexible and quality oriented production facility

Based on its technology and a strict quality control all along the production line, Sapco is able to ensure the full tracking of the products. The company can handle either small volume or large volume to match your specific needs